My Me Made May Plan- 2019

So, As long as I can remember I have been obsessed with clothing. I have a distinct memory of fighting with my mom about what I was wearing to school. I didn’t like what she picked out and I didn’t want to have to pick out something myself. And in my 36 years of life, I haven’t gotten much better. I learned in college that I couldn’t work at a clothing store because my whole paycheck would go to buying new clothes.  I have always had a shopping problem and an obsession with clothes. I hate wearing the same thing and I need options. Making my own clothes has helped me to curb shopping, and create more clothing I love, that are original, and unique to me.  I remember 5 or so years ago see the Me Made May posts, and being inspired to make more clothing for myself, thus starting my obsession with selfish sewing. In the past, I only made clothing for special occasions. Each year, I have challenged  myself to make more daily pieces, and as a high school fashion teacher, it’s awesome to wear me made clothing to show my students it’s possible.

Last year, I pledged to wear at least 3 me made items a week. This year, I am trying to up that to 5! I think I can totally do it and my secret is preplanning. I go to work really early everyday and if I don’t pick out my outfit at night, I end up throwing stuff together and not really wearing what I want. So last night, I picked out 15 outfits to get  me going with me made may. In Denver, there is still some iffy weather, so a lot will depend on if we get snow or not. Today is is cloudy, wet, and gross. That of course affects mood, and what I wear. 

In my picture above, you will see all my 15 outfits, layed out and ready to go! I’ll also be giving away one free pattern each week of May to one lucky winner. So make sure you are in my Seen and Sewn Sewing Group Facebook Page to participate!  Here is the link to the group if you aren’t in it already. Please join!


And here is my day one outfit for Me Made May. I am wearing a hacked version of the Laurel Shirt from Colette patterns. There is also a tutorial on a similar version how to hack this pattern here if you want to create the same look!

Happy Me Made May guys!

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