Tutorial: Transform Your Oversized Tee

I love going to nerd conventions like Comic Con and Dragoncon because they have so much great merch! Back in June, I went to Denver Comiccon and found this awesome Craft Goddess t-shirt! Well… since I love all things crafty, I had to get it. All the shirts were rolled up, so instead of having the vendors open the shirts up to check the size, I just looked at the brand. I am pretty good about knowing which brands fit me or not, so I totally assumed it was a lady fit tee. I got an XL because I wanted some extra room for comfort.

My mistake,  I guess I am sexist. Seriously though, how many dudes do you know who call themselves a craft goddess? 

Well…. Womp womp, I got it home only to realize it was a man’s fit shirt. That’s where my little blog post comes in! I wasn’t gonna let this XL tee become a night shirt! I had to use my craft goddess powers to make this into something more wearable.  Let me show you how I modify an oversized t-shirt to be more flattering and fashionable.


As you can see, it’s basically a night gown! Continue reading to see how I made it so much cuter!

  1. Find a shirt that you love the fit. I have this red swing tank top from Target that I absolutely love. Turn the oversized shirt you plan to alter inside out.

IMG-2273.JPG2. Lay the top you love on top of your oversized tee, then trace the shape with a chalk pencil or other fabric tracing tool.       IMG-2276.JPGimg-2277-jpg.jpeg

3. Cut on the lines.


4. Serge or zigzag your side seams to get the more fitted look.

5. Using your excess fabric from the sleeves, you will now cut out a new sleeve. I used a cap sleeve pattern from another pattern that I like (don’t worry, I’ll scan a sample one in soon for you guys to use!). Using your old sleeves and excess fabric, make sure your pattern piece is placed on the fold, as shown.


6. Once you have both cap sleeves cut out, mark the center of the cap sleeve. Next you will go ahead and hem the straight edge of your sleeve. I just serged the edge and turned the edge in ½” and sewed.


7. Now that your cap sleeve is hemmed, match the center sleeve mark to the shoulder seam and pin the curved edge along the sleeve opening. The straight edge should be opposite of the arm hole opening.


8. Once I attached my cap sleeves, I then folded in the seam allowance on the rest of the armhole inside and stitched it under.

9. Since the neckline was so high, I also cut a small slit in the center of the neck band to make it so that I could show a little more skin.

10. Finally, I serged around the bottom opening and folded up a ½ inch to finish the edge, but you could totally leave it raw since knits don’t tend to ravel!

Any who, now you are done!! There are so many great tutorials online for modifying oversized t-shirts, so go out and scavenge!

Overall, I am happy with my shirt modification, although I probably would have made the shoulders a little bigger so I could have more of a cap sleeve. But all in all, I can’t wait to wear this shirt out! IMG-2491.JPG


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