Join the League of Seen and Sewn Sewists today!

Hey Hey Hey everyone, Can you believe it is almost February? Crazy, I know. January and February always seem to go by so fast! Anywho, I wanted to introduce you to the new Seen and Sewn Affiliate Program.

Let’s be real: I am only one person, I can only do so much, and creating my own sewing patterns is a huge undertaking: making the original design, doing the samples, making fit adjustments, technical drawings, grading the pattern, testing it, digitizing, and instructions. That’s just the start of it, and that doesn’t even count the social media aspect. I would love to be able to spend more time creating more patterns but I can only do so much. So without further ado…. I introduce to you my League of Seen And Sewn Sewists! Basically this is just an affiliate program that pays you for promoting my patterns.

How Does the League of Seen and Sewn Sewists Work?

  • You apply to be an affiliate (see form below).
  • Once you have applied, I will give you one Seen And Sewn pattern of your choosing for free to get you started.
  • You sew up my pattern, blog about it, and post to social media.
  • You will be given an affiliate link for your blog/website and social media pages. Every time someone buys a pattern from me you will receive 20% of that sale (after researching, I think this is the highest of all pattern companies I have seen!)
  • You will have to have a PayPal account, and all earnings will be paid out at the end of each month.
  • After you have sewn the first pattern and blogged or promoted it in some fashion, I will give you another pattern to work on (I’ll always give you free patterns when you sew them. I just don’t want people to sign up just to get the free pattern).
  • And that is all!

If you love sewing and want to make some money for doing stuff you love, join the League of Seen And Sewn Sewists. To apply fill out the form below.

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