Simple Lunch Sack

Are you like me and you leave your lunch box at work, then you have nothing the next day to take your lunch in? Yeah, ok, no worries, I have you covered! Here is a super easy tuturial to make your own super cute Lunch Sack. Options are always great and having an extra on hand will help save the day when you have misplased your daily lunch tote.

What you’ll need:

  • 1/2 yard canvas fabric (You can probably also use Scraps)
  • 1/2 yard Waterproof PUL fabric (Baby Diaper lining Fabric)
  • Thread
  • 1- 2 inch side squeeze buckle
  • 3/4 yards 1 inch webbing
  • Optional- 8 inches  1/2 wise double fold bias tape for pocket accent


To get started you’ll need to cut out 4 14inch x 14 inch squares, 2 from the PUL fabric, and 2 from the canvas. If you want a pocket on the outside, you will need to cut out one 8.5 by 4 inch rectangle for the outside pocket.  Press the top and bottom edge inside about 1/2 inch. Then sew on the bias tape to the top side.

Once the bias tape is sewn on, fold the short edges inside 1/2 inch and pin to one of the canvas pieces. Edge stitch the pocket to the bag leaving the bias tape top open.

Now pin the 2 sets of fabric together with right sides together.Sew around 3 of the 4 edges with a half inch seam allowance. For the PUL fabric, the right side is the shinny side. You want to make sure you are using the right side so if something spills inside your lunch sack, it will repel the liquid.


Once you have your pieces sewn together you will need to create the bucket bottom so your lunch sack can sit up.  To do so you will need to fold your sack so that the side seams match each other and they create a house like shape with a roof.


Measure in from your corner stitching 3 inches and mark the line going across  the top of the point. You will need to repeat this step on all 4 points for both the lining and the canvas. img_0623img_0624

Stitch on the line you drew, and make sure all points are separated.  Then trim off excess point about 1/2 inch from your stitch line. Now your 2 sacks should be able to stand up.

Now it is time to put your lining and your outside sack together. Turn your outside sack to the wrong side, then drop it into the lining sack. Match your side seams together and pin.

Sew around the opening with a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Leaving a small hole to turn the bag to the right side. Press in place. Be sure to only press on the canvas side so you do not melt the PUL fabric.


Now you need your webbing and buckle.  Weave the webbing through the hole of one of the sides of the buckle. Fold the raw edge of the buckly under and pin down to the opening of your sack.  Pin the webbing along the edge  of one side till you get to the side seam.


You’ll want to leave about 2-3 inches of slack where the buckle is at each side seam. Then stitch the webbsing to the top edge of the sack. I did a top and bottom stitch to secure the webbing.


Once your webbing is secured, you are all done and ready to take your new simple lunch sack for all the upcoming lunch adventures!

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