Tutorial: Gathered Belle Sleeve Top

Hey ALL! Happy New Year! I have been keeping to myself lately, and working on a new pattern but also doing some selfish sewing when my day job has allowed me. My Winter break was very refreshing: I got my closet cleaned out, did some deep cleaning, watched a lot of Netflix, and got some selfish sewing in. What have you guys been up to?

Back in the beginning of December I kept seeing so many cute belle sleeve tops! I really wanted one but I also hate shopping so I was not really willing to go out and look for one. Plus, I feel like every time I go out shopping for a specific thing I can never find anything (does that ever happen to anyone else?).  So in true #handmaderevolution fashion, I made my own.

Here is How You Can Sew Your Own Belle Sleeve Top!

It is really simple and I am sure there are other people out there who have blogged about this too if you go looking.  Also, I made this with only 1.5 yards of fabric!

Materials needed:

  •  any shirt pattern you love!
  • 1.5 Yards fabric of your choice- I used Cotton+Steel Raindrop Fabric
  • Bias tape
  1. Choose a shirt pattern that you really love! Make sure it is one you have made before so you know you like the fit.  I chose the Laurel Top by Colette Patterns.  This pattern actually has a little sleeve variation but it was not exactly what I wanted.Image result for laurel shirt colette pattern
  2.  I wanted to make my sleeve longer so I added  4 inches by extending the sleeve pattern. I just use printer paper or old magazines when I am altering a pattern.  I usually tape it but this time I was super lazy so I pinned it this time. IMG_3570
  3.  Next, I cut out all my pattern pieces, So front, back, and sleeve. After cutting them out, I was left with this! This remaining fabric is what I used to make my flownsy sleeve!IMG_3571
  4. After cutting out all pieces, I sewed up the shirt per the provided sewing directions.
  5. After the shirt was sewn up, I worked on the flownsy cuff. I took the left over fabric which was about 10 inches wide and 36 inches long.  Matching the right sides together, sew the short side together making a circle.  I then serged my seam allowance to finish the edges.IMG_3572
  6.  Now it’s time to sew your gathering stitches. Change your stitch length on your sewing machine to the highest length. Mine goes to 5! Line up the  raw edge of the fabric with the edge of your fabric and sew all the way around. Do not back stitch and make sure sure to leave tails at each end. Check out the above picture. IMG_3573
  7. Slightly pull one side of both of the strings to gather the sleeve.  You will gather the sleeve until it is the same measurement as the opening of the sleeve bottom. IMG_3574
  8. Now sew the sleeve right sides together to the opening of the main sleeve. IMG_3575
  9. After you have attached the sleeve cuff, all you need to do is hem it to your desired length. Then you are done!! Woo Hoo! Now you have a fun flownsy sleeve top. IMG_3613

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