Tutorial & Free Pattern: Easy Baby Shower Gift Idea

I love it when people have babies because it gives me the chance to make cute little things!! I’m almost always excited because it’s hard for the stuff to not turn out so dern cute!

School has been crazy lately and with the holidays right around the corner I’ve been going nonstop. And guys, I’m exhausted! So time is lacking. I needed a quick cute baby shower gift for some friends and I decided to whip up some burp cloths! I’ve made these for some other folks and they always tell me they love these burp cloths the most! So since they are super easy and a crowd pleaser, I decided to share with you guys in case you needed a quick gift!

Free Sewing Pattern & Tutorial: Burp Cloths

I think these burp cloths could be modified to be kitchen or even bathroom towels for the home as well (maybe even a great stocking stuffer!!).


1/4 yard of chosen cotton fabric (makes 2 cloths

1/4 yard cotton terry cloth (makes at least 2 cloths)


1/2 yard coordinating ribbon

Rotary cutter


I chose to make 4 burp cloths so I just doubled all the above measurements. Isn’t this narwhal fabric absolutely adorable?

1. Cut your terry cloth and cotton fabric. They will both need to measure 9×19 inches for a finished measurement of 8×18 inches.

2. Cut your ribbon! I went with 6 inch long pieces. It’s a good length to hang on things and it adds a little more cuteness!

3. Fold your ribbon pieces in half. Make sure the raw edges are matched up with raw edges of the fabric and the loop is face down. Pin to one layer in your chosen location. Match one piece of terry cloth to one cotton printed fabric. We want to line them up with right sides together and pin them together. They aren’t super big so you don’t need too many pins. However, the terry cloth stretches so pins help keep it from shifting too much!

4. Sew around the rectangle with 1/4 seam allowances. You want to leave an opening that’s at least 2 inches wide.

5. Clip your corners off to minimize the bulkiness of the fabric. The terry cloth is just really thick and bulky. Flip your burp cloth inside out and press!

6. Oh em gee! They are already so cute! Now we need to do some top stitching, and then we will be done! I do an edge stitch all the way around the outside. You want to make sure that you close up the opening that you left when sewing the two pieces together.

7. Wa-laaaaah! You are all done!

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