Pattern Hack: Cozy Cardigan

If you are anything like me, you like easy and fast! Obviously, I can make my own patterns from scratch but I just have a million other things I want to do and not enough time (I honestly think we should have 36 hour days: I’d be so much more productive!). Using pattern pieces you already have, you can create multiple new original looks!

I’m super into deep v-neck tops right now, and I find them super cute for a summer cover up.

Here’s a fun pattern hack for my Cozy Cardigan piece!

To create this look you’ll need the following:

  • 1.5 yards knit fabric
  • 1 package of coordinating bias tape
  • Marking pencil or Frixion pen
  • Cozy Cardigan pattern

Alrighty here we go!

I used only the front pattern piece because I wanted the straight bottom but you could most certainly use the back and create the rounded hem! You’ll also need the cuff pattern piece.

1. Place the bodice front directly onto the fold of your fabric. Cut 2. You’ll need one front and one back!

2. With right sides together serge your shoulder seams and underarm seams.

3. Because we used the front piece it’s going to give you a weird pointed neck line. You’ll need to cut this by rounding it out.

4. Mark your center front with a Frixion pen or other erasable marking utensil.

5. Decide how deep a v-neck you want! I went super low and cut mine down 11.5 inches! Mark your line and cut on the line (as shown below).

6. Measure 2 inches from your center front and make a mark! We will then connect the marking to the bottom of your front slit. Draw a line.

7. Cut the piece off and repeat on the opposite side! Then your top will look like this:

8. Using your bias tape, add it to the neckline. Follow the directions on the packaging when applying the bias tape.

9. Attach the cuffs per the cozy cardigan directions. Hem the bottom using your desired method! I just serged and folded up a half inch to create a basic hem. I also created a little slit in each side to give it more openness! And way laaaah! You are done!

Ps- I love how the trees match my hair!! 😍

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