Summer Sewing Plans


As a teacher, summers are the best time for sewing. It is so nice to wake up and be able to sew with no distractions or time constraints. Each summer I usually set a goal for a number of pieces or items I would like to sew. I am officially done with school May 25, and then I can really focus in on June and July on my sewing plans. (YES, teachers do not get 3 months off for summer, only 2, but 2 of those 8 weeks will be professional development)

This summer is a little different though. As  I grow Seen and Sewn patterns, that plays a roll in my sewing plans. I also will be starting a Master’s Program. This will be the first summer in 10 years that I will not be working a part time job. Most importantly though, I want to sew and create purposely! I want to work toward more work basics for a capsule wardrobe but also check off some items from my sewing bucket list.

Here are my sewing goals for the summer:

  1. Release Aspen Tank by June 6th!
  2. Finish, Test, and Release Unnamed Romper Pattern in July.
  3. Sew MY OWN JEANS- Ginger Jeans and some Lander Pants by True Bias
  4. Make a swimsuit- I am really eyeballing the Friday Pattern Company Vernazza Two Piece
  5. Make a pair of shoes- Still researching that one!
  6. Finish the red Collette Dress I cut out months ago!
  7. Finish the Tilly and the Buttons Cleo that’s cut out
  8. Sew up some basic t-shirts!
  9. Make my husband a couple work button ups in fun fabrics!
  10. Nita Wrap Skirt
  11.  Moji Pants from Seam Work Magazine
  12. Bess Top by Imagine Gnats
  13. A FREAKING FANNY PACK!!! THis should really be #1 (Fennel Fanny pack)
  14. Peppermint Mag’s Jumpsuit
  15.  Some type of winter coat – Need to research more. Any suggestions?


Well there you have it, my “plan” for sewing fun this summer. I am sure it will change a little but I am going to try to stick to it!  #summersewing  What do you guys have on your list for summer sewing?

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