Summer Sewing Plans


As a teacher, summers are the best time for sewing. It is so nice to wake up and be able to sew with no distractions or time constraints. Each summer I usually set a goal for a number of pieces or items I would like to sew. I am officially done with school May 25, and then I can really focus in on June and July on my sewing plans. (YES, teachers do not get three months off for summer, only two, and two of those eight weeks will be for professional development).

This summer is a little different though: as  I grow Seen and Sewn Patterns, that plays a role in my sewing plans. I also will be starting a Master’s Program. This will be the first summer in ten years that I will not be working a part-time job. Most importantly though, I want to sew and create purposely! I want to work toward more work basics for a capsule wardrobe but also check off some items from my sewing bucket list.

Here are my sewing goals for the summer:

  1. Release Aspen Tank by June 6th!
  2. Finish, Test, and Release Unnamed Romper Pattern in July.
  3. Sew MY OWN JEANS- Ginger Jeans and some Lander Pants by True Bias
  4. Make a Swimsuit- I am really eyeballing the Friday Pattern Company Vernazza Two Piece
  5. Make a pair of shoes- Still researching that one!
  6. Finish the red Collette Dress I cut out months ago!
  7. Finish the Tilly and the Buttons Cleo that’s cut out
  8. Sew up some basic t-shirts!
  9. Make my husband a couple work button ups in fun fabrics!
  10. Nita Wrap Skirt
  11.  Moji Pants from Seam Work Magazine
  12. Bess Top by Imagine Gnats
  13. A FREAKING FANNY PACK!!! This should really be #1 (Fennel Fanny pack)
  14. Peppermint Mag’s Jumpsuit
  15.  Some type of winter coat – Need to research more. Any suggestions?


Well there you have it, my “plan” for sewing fun this summer. I am sure it will change a little but I am going to try to stick to it!  #summersewing  What do you guys have on your list for summer sewing?

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