Seen and Sewn Together Blog Tour

Welcome to the Seen & Sewn Together blog tour.

Yippie! I am hosting my first EVER Blog tour. It’s always been my goal to create patterns with a focus on encouraging people to join the #handmaderevolution by sewing their own handmade wardrobe.

A nice group of sewing bloggers have joined together to share with you how they have taken the Seen & Sewn Patterns and let their creativity loose with them. We want to inspire you whether you’re just starting or well on your way to building your handmade wardrobe.

The extra fun part for you is that we have a prize pack giveaway from Seen & Sewn Patterns that you can enter below. The prize pack for US residents includes 1 pattern of choice, a Slow Fashion Tee, and a Slow Fashion Pin. For our international readers the prize pack would include a copy of all Seen & Sewn PDF Patterns. Bonus! All readers will receive a  coupon code for up to two patterns of choice for $1 each (expires 6/30/19) Coupon code is ss2gether19

The tour includes these talented sewists, so I hope you’ll follow along this week.

Monday June 17th

Sew 4 Five, Sewing A la Carte, Aurora Designs

Tuesday June 18th

Idle Sunshine, That’s Sew Lily, House of Estrella

Wednesday June 19th

Mahlicadesigns, Sewing with D, Fee Bricolo, Aurora Designs

Thursday June 20th

Let’s Go Hobby, Sewing from Scratch, Craftstyle Living, Mama You Can Make It

Friday June 21st

Claire Cruse, Make It Sew with the Bear and Pea Atelier, Sew Cute Couture by Kathy

In addition, I will be highlighting these fabulous bloggers throughout the week! Stay tuned for that!

Enter to win something good here!

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  1. I’m looking forward to learning a thing or two from your blog tour as I have decided to make my own wardrobe as it were. Great content!

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