Seen and Sewn Together Blog Tour Interviews Part 1

One of the things I love about sewing in 2019 is the fabulous sewing community. Everyday I am so inspired by all the bloggers out there sharing their makes and techniques on social media and beyond. Since I haven’t done a blog tour before, I thought it would be great to highlight these fabulous bloggers! So for the next week, I will be posting about each of my bloggers so you can get to know them a little better and also, maybe find a new one to follow!

Today, I am highlighting Sew4Five, Sewing a la Carte, and Aurora Designs.

From Left to Right: Dora from Sew4Five, Brandi from Aurora Designs, and Sonja from Sewing a la Carte.

How long have you been sewing?

Sew 4 Five: I started to sew at 7. I mainly grabbed some fabric scraps from my mother’s projects and gathered them around my dolls waists. Then I went through the cross stitch and embroidery stage, knitting and finally discovered the fun of sewing with my sewing machine. First with a mechanical and now with my electronic Bernina.

Sewing à la carte: I started making all my own clothes about five years ago. I couldn’t find any suitable clothes in my size anymore and was also disappointed about the quality of the sewing.

Aurora Designs: I have been sewing since I was a little girl but it really took on a life of it’s own about 5 years ago.

Was there someone or something that inspired you to start sewing and creating clothing?

Sew 4 Five :Definitely my mother! I remember watching her transferring Burda’s patterns, cutting and sewing our clothes (mine and my sister’s). I have very sweet memories from those times.

Sewing à la carte: I had a sewing machine in our home, bought two remnants and just started. My first pattern was found on the internet: the Sorbetto.

Aurora Designs: My grandmother taught me how to sew when I was a little girl and I have some extremely special memories at the machine as a child making my own stuffed animals and learning how to hand embroider. When I got back into sewing and started making clothing a few years ago I was pregnant with our 5th child and was looking for a hobbie or something to be a creative outlet and something to be my own and maintain my identity outside of being “Mom”. I really had no idea when I picked up some remnants to play with, the cheapest sewing machine Walmart had to offer and started back into sewing I would be as passionate about it as I am today. I sew every single day with out a doubt. We are now expecting our 7th bundle of joy next month and sewing has been my rock through parenthood and adult life. It is like me therapy or my me place. I am so proud to have a house full of kids that love and are so proud of the things I am able to make for them. I have a 90% me made wardrobe and most of my kids the littlest one especially are also around there. There is something so special about wearing something you put your heart and soul into making or seeing you children pick out their mommy made stuff for school everyday because they are their favorites.

What is your favorite type of clothing to sew?

Sew 4 Five: Anything for my family. My husband and my kids proudly wear what I sew for them. My youngest girl asks me “Is that for me, mommy?” each time I start to sew something… LOL

Sewing à la carte: A good fitted jeans but also Chanel style jackets.

Aurora Designs: Honestly it is probably leggings or pants for my self. For lounge, everyday or athletics I can never ever find any that fit me right in the stores. I have an out of the norm body shape I suppose so I like being able to tailor them to myself so they fit perfectly.

Do you have a favorite fabric or fabric shop? What is it?

Sew 4 Five: Not really. I try to sew different fabrics as I like challenges and I usually buy fabric in stores nearby. I like to see and feel the fabric. It’s not the same online, although there are some great fabric shops online (shipping costs discourage me though).

Sewing à la carte: I like to buy my fabrics everywhere when I see something suitable that appeals me.

Aurora Designs: A little biased but my favorite is my own, Aurora Designs. Other than my own it is easily Blended Thread Fabrics for their amazing prints and high quality customs, Sincerely Rylee Fabrics their sweater knits can’t be beat, and Elevated Fashion Fabrics for my solids and basics. As for my favorite fabric…. I would say Athletic brushed poly or Double brushed poly. SSSSooooooo soft!!

What is the most challenging thing you have ever sewn?

Sew 4 Five: One of the most challenging things I have ever sewn was a dress for myself. It was actually quite simple to sew, but I decided to make it in a sheer fabric. That meant lining it, doing French seams and installing an invisible zipper joining both fabrics at the back. It was hard work.

Sewing à la carte: The RDC Manteau Gerard. I made a few changes due to fact I had the old version and the pattern was updated. I added to my ‘old’ version the new details (welt pockets and breast pocket) but also my own details like a back vent and an inner pocket (with piping finish) that closes with a zipper. I made bounded button holes in a contrast colour that was also used for the under collar. Pictures can be found here: and here:

Aurora Designs: My Most challenging was probably the the vegan stretch leather Conifer jacket from Hey June I sewed up for my Riverdale themed Signature style entry to Project Run and Play a few seasons ago. Vegan stretch leather is a beast to work with and it was a total pain but it made the most perfect jacket for my little Jughead Jones!

What is the most favorite thing you have ever sewn?

Sew 4 Five: I sewed a vintage shirt that took 19 buttons and quite a few button loops. It’s gorgeous!

Sewing à la carte: a colour blocked Tee. I used two leftover fabrics and made a Tee inspired by the famous YSL Mondrian dress. People always where it was bought. Pictures and more about the make can be found here:

Do you have a funny sewing story to share?

Sew 4 Five: I guess we all have one of those stories in which you sew the sleeve to the wrong part of the garment… embarrassing I know…

Sewing à la carte: I had been making four jackets for student rowers and while we were on our way to bring them to them I felt there was a pin left in one of them. So while sitting in the car I had to unpick the seam, remove the pin and close the jacket again. The funniest thing of this story: I found out just last week that in my blue jacket that was finished two years ago there was also a pin left.

What do you have planned for your re-imagination of one of my patterns?

Sew 4 Five: a pattern hack of the Tracy Bee Pattern

Sewing a la Carte: Also a pattern hack of the Tracy bee Pattern

Aurora Designs: I am working on two different pattern hacks, An aspen tank maxi dress, and a cozy cardigan hack!

Well well well! There you have it! Be sure to go check out their makes over on their blogs and be sure to enter our giveaway!

Happy Sewing!

3 thoughts on “Seen and Sewn Together Blog Tour Interviews Part 1

  1. I love that you use the word “community” when speaking of sewing! I don’t feel along when I sew. I feel empowered and included in a very inclusive group of talented, amazing and lovely sewist! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings! I look forward to reading the rest of the blogs!

    1. It really is a magical connection we have with each other. So cool that no matter where we are or what level we sew at, we have this connection!

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