Seen and Sewn Together Blog Tour Interviews Part 2

The tour ended yesterday, but the highlights are still coming! Today, I am highlighting Magda from House of Estrela, Melissa from Mahlica Designs, and Diane from Sewing with D

How long have you been sewing?

House of Estrela: More than 20 I guess.

Mahlica Designs: 8 years

Sewing with D: 45+ years

Was there someone or something that inspired you to start sewing and creating clothing?

House of Estrela: Nope. I guess that’s my thing… I already enjoyed making doll clothes since I was very young. My mom or grandmas don’t sew.

Mahlica Designs: not really

Sewing with D: My mom sewed and taught me.

What is your favorite piece of clothing to sew?

House of Estela: It really depends on my mood, but I could risk saying outerwear is pretty fun to sew.

Mahlica Designs: I really like to sew jeans. Jeans are still a challenge to sew with all their details, but not difficult enough to prevent me from taking them on.

Sewing with D: All of them! I make a lot of boxer briefs for my husband.

Do you have a favorite fabric or fabric shop? What is it?

House of Estrela: I don’t. I love sewing all types of fabrics . I shop at Joanns and Hobby Lobby as well as some local quilt shops.

Mahlica Designs: I really like sewing with rayon challis. The drape is wonderful and works so well for the looks I want to make.

Sewing with D: SAS Fabrics in Arizona (a local fabric warehouse where you never know what you will find but the prices are usually great)

What is the most challenging thing you have ever sewn?

House of Estrela: The most challenging? Jeans maybe.

Mahlica Designs: Sewing a faux leather jacket was the most challenging technically. Working through how to handle the fabrics, using an underlining for the first time, and figuring out to catch stitch the seam allowances to my underlining to keep them “pressed” open were satisfying accomplishments.
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Sewing with D: Maybe the Envigado Vest? It was satisfying though

What is the most favorite thing you have ever sewn?

Mahlica Designs: Also my Faux leather Jacket

Sewing with D: My wedding dress was probably the most challenging (mashed 3 paper patterns), and getting the right fit on pants is usually a challenge too.

Do you have a funny sewing story to share?

House of Estela: Not that I can think of. Oh, I sometimes baste my own fingers when hand basting . Once I didn’t even realise until I moved the fabric around.

Mahlica Designs: I think we’ve all done this one. While making a hoodie for my little guy, I sewed the raglan sleeve to the bottom hem of the front piece. After ripping it out, I then sewed it in backwards.

Sewing with D: Our son used to think I could make anything and would request things like historical military jackets and roman shields.

What do you have planned for your reimagination of one of my patterns?

House of Estela: Not sure yet, but ill be hacking the aspen tank pattern.

Mahlica Designs: Ill be working on a modified tracy bee top.

Sewing With D: Im still thinking on it but I am working with the aspen tank.

Its so interesting to here everyones answers. We are all so similar, yet so different. I hope you guys will go check out their blogs and see what they have done with their patterns. I assure you, if you havnt seen them yet, you are in for a treat.

Happy Sewing!

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