Seen and Sewn Together Blog Tour Interviews Part 3

I am still sharing about the Seen and Sewn Together Blog tour. Today, its all about these 3 lovely ladies- Kate from Sewing from Scratch, Nadine from Feebricola, and Jessica from Let’s go Hobby!

How long have you been sewing?

Sewing from Scratch: 5+ years

Feebricola: I sew accessories since I was 15 but I sew clothes for 6 years.

Let’s go hobby: Since I was a teen, but my true love of sewing clothes started a little over 2 years ago.

Was there someone or something that inspired you to start sewing and creating clothing?

Sewing from Scratch: I really started sewing clothing before I knew anything about it! I figured I could make things that fit me better and for a lower cost (HA!) than anything in stores. Fabric and fashion have always inspired me and seem to be the only creative segment of my life! Although, writing comes naturally to me, too.

Feebricola: I always loved fabric and I don’t easily find fun clothes, so I begin to sew.

Let’s go hobby: My mom is a clothing and textiles major, so sewing has always been around me. I have a friend that invited me to a sewing a raglan party (using a pdf pattern) and I was hooked.

What is your favorite piece of clothing to sew?

Sewing from Scratch: Hmm. Toughy. Anything for myself! As far as sewing to sell, I enjoy making custom orders that challenge me, but turn out beautifully and get great feedback.

Feebricola: Tops

Let’s go hobby: Shirts!

Do you have a favorite fabric or fabric shop? What is it?

Sewing from Scratch: It changes a lot, but right now I’m loving The Fabric Snob and all their custom prints AND their LUXE solids. To. Die. For. Big into tencel, at the moment, too.

Feebricola: As local fabric shops (Charleroi, Belgium), I shop to fashion Lecoq or Assaban. On internet, I usually shop at les coupons Saint-Pierre in France.

Let’s go hobby: Cotton spandex is so nice to work with. I’ve most often shopped at

What is the most challenging thing you have ever sewn?

Sewing from Scratch: My son’s Easter gift – a backpack! I made it on my little $100 Singer. It was a big project.

Feebricola: I don’t have a serger. So I sew stretchy fabrics with my regular sewing machine. All my jersey clothes are challenging in that sense. Otherwise, I plan to sew a dress to go to the wedding of my friends.

Let’s go Hobby: The George and Ginger Cold Snap was probably the most time consuming

What is the most favorite thing you have ever sewn?

Do you have a funny sewing story to share?

Sewing from Scratch: Sew many. Probably my favourite involves my husband. I was using a paint brush to help turn a drawstring right side out. I set it on the table for a few minutes. When he walked up and saw it he commented with “did someone seriously order a jacket for their paint brush”. I laughed so hard I couldn’t even explain the truth to him for 10 minutes.

Feebricola: I’m frequently asked to sew costumes for performance at Schools and circus school. So, last year, I had to sew 4 bed sheets together for decor. It was so big, I had to align bed sheets and pinned it in my garden because my rooms were too small.

Let’s go Hobby: Oh man, good question, I can’t think of any right now.

What do you have planned for your reimagination of one of my patterns?

Sewing from Scratch: Hacked Parker Peplum Pattern

Feebricola: I plan on using Upcycled fabric for the Parker Pattern

Let’s go Hobby: Ill be showing different ways to style the aspen tank pattern

I love the stories that are shared. I can definitly identify with Nadine and not having enough room for big projects. I can’t say I have prepped in my garden though. LOL. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway by friday the 29th! Also the coupon code goes through saturday!

Happy Sewing!

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