Seen and Sewn together Blog tour interviews part 4

Part 4 of the interviews feature Gaby from Craftstyle Living, Laurie from Make It Sew with the Bear and Pea Atelier, Claire from Pleasing by reason of comfort. Let’s see what they have to say!

How long have you been sewing?

Craftstyle Living: I started sewing 5 years ago but i would only make costumes and such. It wasn’t until early this year that i started sewing apparel for myself and my family.

Make it Sew: Off and on for 35 years😱

Pleasing by Reason: 20+ years. I sewed my first pillow when I was probably 10 or 11. But the last 2 have been my most serious years

Was there someone or something that inspired you to start sewing and creating clothing?

Craftstyle Living: My daughter kind of forced me to start sewing. I remember for her birthday party 5 years ago, she wanted an Elsa costume! At the time the disney store was out and etsy was just too expensive at $250 a piece. So as any good crafty mother would do, I borrowed a sewing machine and started sewing.

Make it Sew: I started using a sewing machine at my mother and grandmothers feet. My mom was that mom that made the costumes for church and school performances and would make handmade gifts every year for her staff (often helping her with many of the projects.) After I had our youngest child, Sweet Pea, I stayed home to take care of her and found that I really loved custom clothing and tried my hand at a few pdf pattern designs and from there became a pattern tester. Over time my children have become active in asserting design choices for them and now that I am confident in my own sewing, I am making the leap to sew more for me! I love that sewing always allows me to be creative while showering the people I love with fun custom stuff.

PLeasing by Reason: My mother and my grandmother.

What is your favorite piece of clothing to sew?

Craftstyle Living: Probably costumes

Make it Sew: I really love fussy vintage details of dresses.

Pleasing by Reason: I have made three Fancy Tiger Sailor Tops now — it’s my basic tee!

Do you have a favorite fabric or fabric shop? What is it?

Craftstyle Living I love everything knits! Unlike most people i havent really used a lot of wovens in my sewing.

Make it Sew: I really love custom fabrics from Run Amok Fabrics and Cosmic Fabric Creations

Pleasing by Reason: Topstitch in Atlanta

What is the most challenging thing you have ever sewn?

Craftstyle Living: It has to be that costume. Its so stunning and so full of issues that i didn’t even realized were an issue until now. That Elsa costume lol. I remember getting the pattern from etsy. Of course I didn’t know how hard it would be to sew a jersey knit to an organza and a woven. Ignorance was really bliss. For that first make, I used the wrong needles, i didn’t have a walking foot and I didn’t watch any tutorials. I honestly don’t know how it turned out so well. Fyi those needles crated holes in the jersey and the bodice had to be let out (it might have required it to be a knit as well but you know, i had to choose the most Elsa like fabric 🤷🏻‍♀️) Nonetheless, my daughter wore that dress for about 2 years. That organza cape was everything!

Make it Sew I feel like the most challenging thing I have sewn or has really pushed my comfort level is the Apple and Fig Street Kred Trucker cap. 1st because it is a ball cap, 2nd because I hardly ever use things like foam.

Pleasing by Reason: The range backpack by Noodlehead

What do you have planned for your reimagination of one of my patterns?

Craftstyle Living: Cozy cardigan hack

Make it Sew: Styling the Parker Peplum

PLeasing by Reason: Ill be doing a pattern hack on the aspen tank.

Such fun stuff here. I hope you are following these ladies!

Happy Sewing!

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