Seen and Sewn Together Blog Tour Interviews Part 5

Part 5 will be my last set of interviews for this tour, but stay tuned because there will defnitly be more. I mean what is the sewing community without all the lovely makers out there. My last two bloggers are Kimberly from Mama can make it, and Kathy from Sew Cute Couture.

How long have you been sewing?

Mame You can make it: I’ve been sewing for almost 10 years.

Sew Cute Couture: Approximately 45 years. I started in 4h when i was 9, and then started doing home ec in junior high. I love sewing for myself and my grandkids. I occassionaly sew for my daugters.

Was there someone or something that inspired you to start sewing and creating clothing?

Mama You can make it: When my daughter was born, I wanted to make her pretty dresses and bows so I taught myself how to sew. She wouldn’t wear a single dress I sewed, but I loved sewing and just never stopped after I started!

Sew Cute Couture: My aunt was an excellent seamstress. I loved getting the hand me downs my aunt made. My mother also sewd.

What is your favorite piece of clothing to sew?

Mama you can make it: Right now, I love sewing tops. Store bought tops never seem to fit properly so I prefer to make my own. It’s easier to tailor to my own size(s) and body shape than try to fix what’s already been made.

Sew Cute couture: I love sewing all sorts of clothing. My dream is to sew some formals and a wedding dress.

Do you have a favorite fabric or fabric shop? What is it?

Mama you can make it: I have a few that I like to shop from: BoHo Fabrics, Purple Seamstress, Sly Fox

Sew Cute Couture: I don’t. I love sewing all types of fabrics . I shop at Joanns and Hobby Lobby as well as some local quilt shops.

What is the most challenging thing you have ever sewn?

Mama you can make it: The most challenging thing I’ve sewn is probably the JenLee from Snuggle My Baby Patterns, not necessarily technically but because of the amount of tulle and work that went into it. There was SO much of it.

Sew Cute Couture: Probably a Cinderella dress for my daughter. We had to do some adjustments for it to fit properly.

What is the most favorite thing you have ever sewn?

Mama you can make it: The JenLee was my most challenging but was also one of my favorites!

Do you have a funny sewing story to share?

Mama you can make it: I made a shirt for my daughter once, and I sewed a sleeve to the neckline. I couldn’t understand why it was so hard to get it to fit, but I did it. I decided to set it aside to finish it the next morning. The next day, I couldn’t find the other sleeve. I swore I had cut two, but figured it had been late and I had forgotten. I cut another sleeve, sewed it in, and called it good. My daughter put the shirt on and came out with the sleeve stuck over her face to tell me that her turtleneck was too long.

Sew Cute Couture: Yes. I sew for my grandchildren a lot. There are currently 7 of them. They all love the things I have made for them and every time they come to my house, there are some who make sure they wear grandma made clothes. My 7 year old granddaughter wears the strangest outfits. As long as they have the same color in, in her mind, they match.
One thing I have not made for them is underwear. One morning I get a call from 1 daughter and her 4 year old son had told her he needed to call grandma. When she asked why he said he needed grandma made underwear.

What do you have planned for your reimagination of one of my patterns?

Mama you can make it: Ill be doing a hack of the cozy cardigan, i am thinking a duster length.

Sew Cute Couture: I am doing the cozy cardigan, but havn’t decided yet!

Well, there you have it! Another Blogger interview for the books. I hope you guys have enjoyed reading!

Happy Sewing!

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