Throwback Tutorial- Easy Box Pleated Skirt

I was looking through my old website and found some fun tutorials to share from 2014! Below is my easy box pleated skirt tutorial! Have fun!

As a designer and seamstress, I have what is called a “stash.” Fellow crafters out there know exactly what I am talking about. What happens over the years goes a little like this…. “Oh I need to get some thread, and a button to replace on one of my hubby’s favorite shirts”… Once you get to the fabric store, you forget about the little items you came in the store for and are immediatly distracted by all the lovely fabrics before your eyes. Your brain starts to soak in all the glorious lovely prints and textures of all the fabric in front of you. Then you think to yourself, I could totally make this with this fabric, and then this one would be perfect for “insert other random project here.” You get it all home, start playing around, creating, next thing you know you are pulled away and you have incomplete projects or you have bought way to much. After a few years of saving the scraps and buying fabric without an end project in mind, you end up with a stash.

A few months ago, I found this great printed canvas fabric at Colorado Fabrics and thought it would make a great skirt. I hate patterns and since I went to school for design, I have just realized that most pattern companies make things so difficult to understand and most of the time it makes sense for me to do it a different way. There are a million different ways to do everything. You just have to figure out what works best for you. So if I buy a pattern, most of the time, I just end up using it merely for the pattern and I never read the directions. I often times surf the interwebs looking for various online tutorials to decide what I want to make. There are so many great bloggers out there who share what they do. Its really awesome. You can also sign up for free emails from They send a few emails a week and they have a lot of easy tutorials for an array of projects. I found this great tutorial on for this box pleated skirt. Its sooo easy! I think I made it in about an hour. Here is the actual link to here tutorial:

I didn’t follow her directions exactly, because as I mentioned earlier, I am horrible at following directions but it gave me a basic starting point. I am happy with how it turned out, and when I wore it to school, I got lots of compliments. Not to shabby for only paying $4 for the fabric and spending an hour of my time to complete it.


Here is an up close shot of the pleat and the fabric:


And this is how I wore it: 

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