Seattle Fabric Shopping

I recently got to go visit Seattle, Washington for the first time! And let me just tell you it was awesome. I am not quite sure if it was awesome because we were visiting friends who totally curated our whole visit or just because it is in fact… truly awesome. It is such a treat to have a local show you around and not have to think much about it!

Stitches is located in the Capital Hill neighborhood of Seattle. It is right across from a fabulous ice cream shop called Salt &Straw. Check it out if you are in the neighborhood. Stitches offers a wide variety of fabrics for sewing up garments or making quilts, and they also offer a variety of classes where you can learn to sew or just get some supervision for those difficult projects. They also carry a small selection of yarn to knitting or crocheting.

While I was in their shop it was very quiet but the shop attendant was very nice and helpful. I also saw that this year they are celebrating 15 years in business which is super exciting. I ended up picking up a few different fabrics while I was there because I like to support small shops when I travel. It’s really important with so many brick and mortar stores closing down these days. Local fabric shops have become my souvenier gift shop when I travel!

I got some crazy cotton quilting fabric with cats and sewing machines, a cute otter knit print that my husband picked out, and some fun printed canvas for some new pants!

So, As you can see, they are not a huge store but they do have some great notions and a great variety of fabrics. To find out more about this shop, go to

I hope you find something worth taking home! Happy Sewing!

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