Pin Primer

By Sandi Barrett- Sew What’s Fabulous

Let’s talk pins! We will look at three common pins used in sewing: silk pins, glasshead pins, and quilting pins. Sometimes we just need a pin quickly, and mostly any pin will do. However, when we are planning a garment sewing project, glasshead pins are almost always the best pins for the job.

Pin Types

Quilting pins have a long, thick shaft which can leave holes, marks, and pulls in your delicate fashion fabrics. While perfect for pinning through multiple layers that are common in quilting, they are not the best choice for garment sewing.

Silk pins with their narrow shaft are short, 1 1/16 of an inch or smaller with a small head, can be difficult to hold. They do not have a super sharp point, they can be troublesome to pin through some tightly woven fabrics, and can damage your fashion fabric.

Glasshead pins are perfect for almost every garment sewing project on your to-do list. They have a fairly narrow shaft and a sharp point making them the perfect choice for pinning pieces together. They are 1 1/16 inches long with a ball head so they are easy to grasp and long enough to hold your edges together for seaming.

Pinning Tip

Make sure you pin perpendicular to your seam, you will get a better hold and it will be easier to keep your seam allowances matched up. Additionally, you can pull them fairly quickly as you sew along the seam. Also you can baste with them in the fabric if they are perpendicular to the edge.

Proper pinning and selecting the right pin for your project will make your sewing project more enjoyable.

Sandi Barrett

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