Supermarket Slacks Pattern


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The Supermarket Slacks are a comfortable pair of cropped cuffed paper bag waist pants with an  elastic waist and a wider leg. The skirt is a combination between an A-line and a pencil skirt, featuring the same waist band.  Both can be dressed up or down, for all your wardrobe needs. 

Recommended Fabrics: Light to medium weight woven fabric, such as rayon,  challis, chambray, crepe de chine, or lawn. A medium weight knit will also work for an extra comfy pair.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Fabric Yardage Needed: Pants- 1 and 5/8 yards- 56 inch wide or 2 and 3/4 yards for 45 inch wide fabric.

Skirt- 1 3/4 yards of 45 inch wide fabric

Notions  and Supplies Needed: Fabric, Matching Thread, 1-1.5 yards 3/4 inch wide elastic. If adding    elastic to ankles, you will need about a half yard more. 

Seam Allowances: ½ inch (1.3 cm) unless otherwise noted.



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